Saturday, September 18, 2010

Anticipating Frost

Average first frost around here is typically the first week of October but can come as early as the end of September. Believe it or not that is only about two weeks away! As a result we spent some time today harvesting and trying to make the most of what is left in the garden. I am pleased to announce that I harvested nearly 6.5 lbs of grapes! This is my first real grape harvest as my plants are officially 3 years old! Concord grapes are a delectable treat and will grow on any sturdy fence. You just have to be patient to reap the rewards! I did not have the time today to get right to the jelly making so I cleaned and froze the grapes. I'll wait for a nice cold day to begin that jelly making. Earlier this month I was lucky enough to get the gift of some peach jam that a friend had made. To me, there is no gift as special as a homemade one! Thanks for sharing Michelle!