Saturday, March 19, 2011


Do you keep a sketchbook? Maybe you don't think of it as a sketchbook. Maybe you use something to keep notes, write lists or keep track of things in general. I would like to suggest you get a sketchbook. I use my book to write journal entries,design sewing projects,
make daily task lists, seasonal task lists, home maintenance lists,
keep track of garden ideas, paste in images that inspire,record things I come across on the internet
design decks, keep measurements from my house so I can use them when I am out. Really the options are endless. I keep a 6x8.5" bound(avoid spiral bound, they don't hold up) book with me all the time. When I am distracted by an idea or something that needs to be done, I write it down and go on. I have done this for many years to organize my life and have over the last five years really started to use it more extensively. When I flip back through these books I find something very interesting has happened. I have in essence recorded my life. Dates, times, projects, events with friends,cool places,ideas, images, goes on and on. Only recently have I started putting in the occasional journal entry so that I can record those little events in my daughters life that I am sure to forget but want to remember. I think I will keep these volumes of my life and maybe one day my daughter will read them and have a sense of the person I was, and person I became as time moved passed by.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patricks Day

Nothing like a little inspiration to make sure that your kid has the appropriate wear for that special green day! The dress below is from a pattern I purchased from Little Blue Boo. Made from second hand clothes and custom stamped with Stampin' Up craft ink its sure to be an original in the classroom this year!

And just for that extra touch....a monogram!

I hope you too can avoid getting pinched!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our New Residents

Buff Orpington

Hard to believe these cute little puff balls will become fertilizing egg laying machines! Oh the fun of spring! Be sure you are checking your new charges daily. You will need to make sure that not only their cage is clean but that they are clean is well. Occasionally feces will get stuck in the fluff and build up on their backside.

Whenever you see this, use a warm rag to gently remove the feces. These build ups can clog the vents of the small birds and prevent them from regular elimination. I hope you are enjoying all the peep peep peeping!