Saturday, March 19, 2011


Do you keep a sketchbook? Maybe you don't think of it as a sketchbook. Maybe you use something to keep notes, write lists or keep track of things in general. I would like to suggest you get a sketchbook. I use my book to write journal entries,design sewing projects,
make daily task lists, seasonal task lists, home maintenance lists,
keep track of garden ideas, paste in images that inspire,record things I come across on the internet
design decks, keep measurements from my house so I can use them when I am out. Really the options are endless. I keep a 6x8.5" bound(avoid spiral bound, they don't hold up) book with me all the time. When I am distracted by an idea or something that needs to be done, I write it down and go on. I have done this for many years to organize my life and have over the last five years really started to use it more extensively. When I flip back through these books I find something very interesting has happened. I have in essence recorded my life. Dates, times, projects, events with friends,cool places,ideas, images, goes on and on. Only recently have I started putting in the occasional journal entry so that I can record those little events in my daughters life that I am sure to forget but want to remember. I think I will keep these volumes of my life and maybe one day my daughter will read them and have a sense of the person I was, and person I became as time moved passed by.

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