Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jam It

Do you see these beauties? I had to stand at the corner of the strawberry bed defending it with a hose from would be marauders(my husband and daughter) in order to get enough for some strawberry jam! As I am sure you have noticed my lack of posts, I am seriously short on time these days! Watering, weeding, summer fun and such has kept me very busy. As a result I decided to give freezer jam a try. It takes much less processing time and is really simple to do. Basically you mix pectin, fruit and sugar together and then mash the fruit. Allow to set for a bit and then you can put it in the same jars you use for regular canning and throw them in the freezer. Google a few different recipes, I picked mine from a recent issue of Organic Gardening. The flavor is just as good if not better. The texture may be a bit runnier but that just makes it more suitable to ice cream topping if you desire!