Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tomato Wars

The long winter has driven me outside to the garden! I am very happy to spend the days in the sun and breathing fresh air! This year we have vowed to be more dedicated to the garden than ever. We will harvest more, eat more, preserve more and of course spend more time doing it. I have decided to do a little experiment this year. Everyone knows I garden so someone donated some red plastic to me. The idea is that the red color boosts tomato production. I think it is probably a bunch of hooey but since they were free and will at least keep the weeds down next to the plants I will give it a try. Do you have any secret garden tricks?

Monday, June 7, 2010

I want to ride my bicycle......

One of my favorite things about being URBAN farm girl is bike riding. This is something that I think was seriously lacking from my youth. It was not really all that fun to ride your bicycle down a gravel dirt road or around the 1/8 of a mile loop around the grain bins. If you did, you most likely had a flat tire while you were doing it. Eventually the solution was a set of solid rubber supper sucker tires. I still had no where to actually ride the bike and a horse was a better bet. Urban living provides endless bicycle opportunities and I love it. I do have to admit that I have slowed down a bit since A was born but nonetheless I am working it back in slowly. Recently my passion has been renewed by an old dusty gift from my mother in law. I already thought she was the best MIL one could have but this has stepped it up a notch! Enter one beautiful, canary yellow Schwinn Breeze! I have given it a quick spin around the block on the little bit of air the tubes will still hold. Now I must wait with baited breath for the tubes and tires to be replaced!

It has this super cool generator headlight that works from the spinning of the front wheel. I have already tested it and can see the light bulb come on from just walking the bike in the driveway!

Lastly, it has my initial on the seat! LOL! Can't beat that! I am thinking some white wall tires and a vintage basket will look superb! Thank you Connie!