Saturday, April 2, 2011

Plant Profile: Pasque Flower

If you are not familiar with this spring flower you should be! Pasque flower is an unexpected spring wonder. It is also known by prairie crocus, wind flower, Easter flower and meadow anemone. What ever you choose to call it the large, bold flowers are beautiful. Fuzzy buds show almost before the leaves! The petals catch the sun making it a great choice next to the front door or close to the edge of a path where its early show can be appreciated. I have seen it in shades of red, purple and pink.

The entire plant only reaches about 12" tall. After blooming its lacy, mounding foliage and fuzzy fruits contribute to the flower bed well into summer. Be cautious, this one can be very poisonous to humans!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Seed Starting

I start many of my own seedlings in the greenhouse. You don't actually need a greenhouse to do so, just a place with a lot of light. I like to get them started in a tray of perlite. It holds moisture well and separates easily when it comes time to pluck out the seedlings and plant them into soil. Here you see sprouted cabbage, brussel sprouts and broccoli. At this size they are ready to be transplanted into soil. In this tray I also have my tomatoes and peppers but they have not sprouted yet! I'll post some images of the transplanting process soon! I am so happy to be busy with the workings of spring! Be sure you are getting your seeds going too!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Babies Babies Babies!

I have no fewer than 5 baby quilts to crank out before June this year! That's madness! It would help if some people wouldn't crank out two at a time! Making baby quilts are one of my favorite gifts to give and make. It's quick and I can try all kinds of new patterns and skills! These two were shipped to California! This is the first time I worked with a panel. I do have to say it was sinfully quick and easy and had beautiful results! My daughter is three and I now keep her baby quilts in the car. They make perfect lap quilts for those cold mornings in the car!
This one is a bit more traditional but I love the bright colors! I trend away from pastels for babies. I think they need something bright, vibrant and fun!