Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa's Work

A dollhouse seemed to be the perfect gift for a four year old this holiday.  Could of been that she cut 12 different ones out of the newspaper to let us know.... she is not so subtle.  After pricing a few we decided we could do better to build one and found the Anna White Dream Dollhouse.  She has free plans and the project looked within our collective skill range.

From the pics you can see how far I have gotten.  Definitely not far enough.  We are getting a bit nervous! Only six days left!  Above you can see one of the wall sets.

Here are some of the stairs.  Yikes-not even painted.

Here we are gluing and clamping the second wall set.  My husband and I have been working furiously sanding, gluing, nailing, cutting and hiding!  Its difficult to do anything in secret with a four year old in the house!  Wish us luck as we burn the midnight oil to see the sparkle in one little girls eyes.