Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chicken Hooks and Funny Looks

With the chicken coop reinforced it is time to move the 3 surviving hens back to their real home and out of my greenhouse! Not only do they do a tremendous amount of damage as they indiscriminately eat things, but I prefer not to have it smell like a coop! We quickly realized it was going to be very difficult to extract the ladies from deep under the plant benches. So, I grabbed a hanger and fashioned a leg hook. This brought quizzical looks from my husband. "A leg hook?" he inquired. Yes, a leg hook. Commonly used for catching different types of foul that frequently will not let you get close. Just loop a leg and pull them in close! No pain, easy catch. It was still difficult to reach them under the benches but alas they have been returned to their home and I can now start a list of 101 creative things to do with a hanger.....

Monday, August 30, 2010

Good Morning

This morning feels really good. I think it may be because the weekend was really productive due to some serendipitous events. Due to car trouble, we had house guests for the majority of the weekend. These are not just any house guests, but special house guests. We typically only see Billy and Bec once a year as they travel across the state selling Livingston Pottery. This time we had the opportunity to enjoy an extended stay filled with good food and wonderful company. These are truly people we wish lived closer. Since we were all just "hanging out" they helped us to get the garden to a state that looked more like a garden than a weed patch, entertain A while I did other tasks, and install the last two basement windows. They seem like little things but the two of them probably have no idea of the enormous gift they have given through these small gestures. When you have a 3 year old, projects are a bit more challenging and little things can take days. I can now check some things off of my list and move forward into the week a little less overwhelmed. Thank you house guests, please come again! Please visit the website of Livingston Pottery. Bec is a truly talented lady. I am lucky to own several of her pieces including a clock that she gifted me this weekend!