Monday, August 27, 2012

Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival Highlights

Had the opportunity to see some spectacular things at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival this year.  I love the purple peach combo of the quilt above.  These are colors I would have never thought to put together.  These first three images I am sharing with you are from the Irena Bluhm quilt exhibit. The stitch work shows a lot of detail and is what makes these quite extraordinary.

Sorry for the poor photos.  I was once again out and about without my camera!

I enjoyed the look of the half circles below.  The circles appeared to be appliqued. I liked the simple design and think the technique might work great with pennants too.

The next two photos are from the booth of Michelle Crawford of Flower Box Quilts.  My sister and I took a class from her in the morning.  The class description read like this "What do you do with all your scraps? Become a frugal and "green" quilter by recycling your scraps! Learn Michele's formula, The More the Merrier for creating scrap quilts. Learn how to use color value in creating contrast, depth and movement in your scrap quilts. Lecture includes PowerPoint presentation and trunk show."   I was thinking great I have have a lot of scraps and could use some information on color theory.  Well my friends, I paid $20.00 and spent 2 hours to look at photos of other peoples quilts and listen to her promote her books for 1.5 hours.  The actual content of the lecture was a scant 20 minutes.

I was disappointed to say the least.  Imagine my surprise when I snapped these photos in the booth and was promptly lectured that she does not allow photos!  I did not see a sign in any of the other booths limiting photos and low and behold if you hit her website you will find this block layout on the front of Quilter Magazine.  

She has a great idea for making over sized blocks from scraps and then cutting them up and resewing them but it didn't require 2 hours of lecture time.  I wish I'd spent my $20 on fabric.  Sigh.  You win some and you loose some.

This little owl rocked my world!  I am truly amazed as some of the ART pieces that show up at the quilt fairs.  I do not have 1/10th the patience of most of these people but I appreciate their efforts.  I would just love to have this guy watching over me at night!

These last two photos are from the Route 66 exhibit.  Its a 60 ft long fabric map dipicting the historic highway with small "picture" quilts from around the country.