Friday, May 27, 2011

Do You.....


I really want a clothes line. I tried to per sue several on craigs list but have not gotten lucky yet. Then I realized probably all I really needed was a rope and some pins. Viola! Clothes line! I love line dried clothes. Not only do they smell awesome but you don't have to pay for energy to get your clothes dry. I really don't feel like hanging them takes that much more time besides...its a good excuse to be outside! If you feel like you need something more than a rope you can check this source for just about every style imaginable! Remember, your dryer is the second or third highest energy consumer in your household!
It wouldn't hurt to at least hang the sheets out.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bandanna Skirt

I am very lucky to have a very cool MIL. For example, on her last visit she showed up with a couple of bandannas and said hey I want to make these for A.
How delightful is it that your MIL would want to sew with you? Let's just say some creative fun ensued. Be sure to check out Vanessa at V and Co. She has some other great tutorials as well!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Growing Growing...

There seems to be a lot of growing up going on around here. The least of which includes those baby chicks! This one is headed out to the chicken coop! In the past I have had trouble integrating new chicks into established coops. The older chickens do not seem too willing to include new chicks and will beat them up. This time I made sure the number of baby chicks(6) out numbered the old hens(2). Things went considerably smoother. I have since sold several of the chicks and everyone seems to be getting along fine!