Saturday, February 11, 2012


Is it really almost mid February?  Surely a testament to how busy I have been.  In addition to working my regular 40hr job I have been working at my husbands office and have some private landscape clients I have been working with.  To say time is short is an understatement! That has of course not kept me from sneaking in some sewing. I just have not taken the time to blog about it!  That said, I would like you to share in my most recent victory.  I made a pair of pants that fit!
 Making fitted pants is difficult and I have avoided it accordingly.  With a dress or blouse you can fudge a bit and it will be o.k.  Pants must fit. It took me a total of three tries and about 6 yards of wasted fabric but I finally got it! For this adventure I chose a loose legged pattern hoping it would be a bit more forgiving.  This is Simplicity 2656.  I love the pattern because it has a bit of that vintage flair but getting that front placket in on the diagonal with out puckers was not an easy task.  This is probably not a beginner pattern. Regardless of all the frustration, I love the pants and have worn them twice already. The details are great and I will probably make another pair.
After I wasted 6 yards of expensive fabric I found this at the ARC.  Four yards for $5.00.  The buttons cost me about $6.00 and the zipper in the back another $1.50.  In the future, I will start with cheaper fabric first for new adventures!  Who knows, maybe if I shed a few pounds I'll be able to utilize the others that are half built!

On a last little note, I want to say thanks to those who tracked me down and asked when I was going to post again.  I appreciate your encouragement. And BTW: Happy New Year!