Sunday, September 8, 2013

Chicken Treats

Typically hens left in a coop will denude every piece of vegetation in sight.  If you are like most urban farmers and unable to allow those happy hens to roam your yard I suggest you supply them with a daily helping of chicken treats.  Now I'm not talking about something you need to go to a high priced pet store for....I'm talking about the greens in your yard!  Every day when we go out to check on our lovely ladies we pull an armful of weeds on our way!  The ladies are always delighted to see us when we bring them these tasty treats.  Greens help increase the vitamin content of the eggs and this is good for you!  You can also supply them with grass clippings if you have not recently treated your lawn.  A good rule of thumb is to complete three mowing cycles and then on the fourth you can go back to giving them to your hens.  They do like a variety and who doesn't have some weeds to catch on the way back to the coop?