Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chicken Hooks and Funny Looks

With the chicken coop reinforced it is time to move the 3 surviving hens back to their real home and out of my greenhouse! Not only do they do a tremendous amount of damage as they indiscriminately eat things, but I prefer not to have it smell like a coop! We quickly realized it was going to be very difficult to extract the ladies from deep under the plant benches. So, I grabbed a hanger and fashioned a leg hook. This brought quizzical looks from my husband. "A leg hook?" he inquired. Yes, a leg hook. Commonly used for catching different types of foul that frequently will not let you get close. Just loop a leg and pull them in close! No pain, easy catch. It was still difficult to reach them under the benches but alas they have been returned to their home and I can now start a list of 101 creative things to do with a hanger.....

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