Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Think Spring

BULBS! Its time to order your BULBS! I know its hard to think about spring, but unless you plan ahead you miss out on one of the delights that will most certainly keep you going in the dark of winter! I try to order and plant 100 bulbs each season. Up to this point I have had about zero luck with the bulbs you pick up in the big box stores. As a result, I always go with catalog ordering. One of the best benefits is that they ship when it is time for you to plant! I quite commonly use BRECKS and have been very satisfied with their product. NEW HOLLAND BULB COMPANY looks promising but a bit out of my price range. There are lots of companies to choose from! Just make sure you choose one and order right away!


  1. Okay - what do you order? I would love bulbs, but I never know what to get. :( So, instead of having this wonderful flower thing to display along my house - i have dirt - lots of yucky, ugly dirt. So sad. :( (PS. I like cut flowers....)

  2. What about an area that doesn't get a lot of sun. Our front planter only gets morning sun. We are redoing it and I'd like to put a bunch of bulbs in it.