Friday, April 8, 2011

Being Neighborly

About three weeks ago I drove in the driveway to find the neighbors cat. Dead. Now being the farm girl that I am, I decided the best course of action was to take said cat back to its owners. All of a sudden I find myself standing on the porch of the neighbors I have not met, daughter in one hand, dead cat in the other. I was certain that was not the way to greet the the neighbor that 1) moved in 6 months ago and I failed to introduce myself too and 2) who wants to see someone at their front door holding a dead cat? So, I gently placed the cat that I had wrapped in a towel around the side of the door and rang the bell. It was a most awkward moment. A few days later they dropped off a shamrock to say thanks but I still felt guilty about not saying "Hi" properly. I have found urban living to not be all that neighborly and only but the boldest of urban dwellers will extend themselves to you. I talk regularly with exactly one neighbor. That is a sad state of affairs.

As a result, I put together a welcome bucket for the new peeps on the block. Some wash rags, handmade cards, cookies, pencils, decorated note pads, tea and a onsie for their new baby. Just a few things to say hello, I'm a nice person. Make sure to extend yourself to someone this week. It might just make their day.

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  1. wow, what a sad story, but with a sweet ending. I'm impressed with your taking action and getting to know your neighbors in such a thoughtful way -- inspiring.