Sunday, May 15, 2011

Garden Envy

Made a visit to the Denver Botanical Gardens this weekend. I must say that I now have garden envy. The weather has been so unstable the last three weeks that I have exactly nothing planted. Sigh. I have busied myself with transplanting and moving but have not actually planted anything into the garden. To say things are a bit behind is an understatement! There has been a little bit of method to the delay. Our garden seems to have been cursed with convolvulaceae! And no, it is not the desirable morning glory but its wicked sister bindweed! This is a particularly aggressive and hard to kill plant. As a result we have tilled and then allowed the plant to grow so that we can spray it. Yes, spray it. Generally I don't condone spraying in the garden but this is a competitor that cannot be beat by pulling! It has incredibly long roots! So we have sprayed three times....before doing ANY planting and tilled again. With any luck we are in the lead. Somehow, I doubt it. Any tips? I could use a few!

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