Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Due to the delight of my daughter, I have a new found appreciation for these little yellow gems. O.k. so maybe its not an appreciation but watching her run around and pick handfuls of them brings me great pleasure. We make a game of it. She runs to show me where they are so that I can dig them! I have a buffalo grass lawn that cannot be sprayed for weeds so I resort to this method. I have heard about some new products out that can be used but I have not per sued this option yet. I try my best to be chemical free around here until something gets the best of me. Come to think of it, I didn't have this problem until the neighbor across the street let it become his SERIOUS problem. sigh. I'll bet you didn't know that dandelions are edible. They are actually high in potassium and one of the most nutritionally dense vegetables you can eat. They have quite a following in other countries. I haven't thrown them in a salad yet but we often feed them to our tortoise. Maybe I need to reconsider them as a food source since there are so many. I'm game to try something new.

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