Sunday, September 18, 2011

Finding Ideas

Do you Pinterest?  If you don't you should.  Its much like an online sketchbook of images and ideas.  I have been looking at lots of ideas for repurposing pallets.  I was ready to go to work when I realized that I have been holding onto something for nearly 7 years waiting for a good idea to happen.  When we moved into our palace it had a multitude of falling down fence types.  One was this beautiful louvered fence:
 Far too beautiful for me to imagine throwing it all away.  Well 7 years later I was on the verge of hauling it away because the perfect idea had not yet happened.  In the nick of time I realized this would make a fabulous head board!  I had to start by cutting in down to size.  This required my trusty sawzall.  You must be careful with this bad girl!  I am always amazed that I have not lost a limb each time I use it.  Don't let that strike fear in you though be cause it is a very handy demolition tool.  You just need to show it the respect it is due.
I think I ended up with a beautiful and unique headboard.  Someone spent a lot of time building this fence.  It would appear many nails were driven with a trusty hammer.  I am glad that I got to preserve a piece of it!