Monday, October 3, 2011

Before the First Snow Flies.....

Every year we choose one large project to throw our money at.  This year, it is the deck.  FINALLY.  We took it down over four years ago when we realized there was a serious possibility someone might fall through it.  Someone actually did fall off of poor husband leaned against the rail and CRACK! one back flip later he found himself on the ground. Throw in one year of we don't have the money to spare, two years of saving to buy a furnace etc. and we find ourselves four years later. As you can see we are doing the work ourselves but not without the help of a VERY knowledgeable friend.  So for now, I am doing nothing but racing against the weather clock with the hope that we will have it built and sealed before the first know flies!  Wish me is October 3rd you know!

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