Sunday, February 19, 2012

Vintage Style Sewing Resources

My favorite sewing is vintage style sewing.  The reason for this is a) I like vintage b) you typically can't buy it in the store c) it gives me a reason to frequent the local thrift stores.  My favorite resources for patterns are thrift stores.  My trip through the thrift store usually involves a look at the sheets and fabrics then on to the patterns.  Always fun stuff there!  Some I use and some I display.  I also have a few websites and blogs I reference regularly.   The Coletterie is great vintage inspired sewing web site that posts new projects regularly with great advice.  You can purchase the Colette patterns but they also have some free tutorials.  The sorbetto top is on my list of things to do.

Another favorite of mine is Sew Weekly.  This site started with the premise of sewing one article of clothing a week.  I love the idea but doubt I am going to crank out one article of clothing a week!  If I can get half that this year I'll be happy.  My favorite part of this web site is the make this look section.  They look at mainstream designs and offer pattern alternatives for you to make the garment yourself!

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