Monday, April 2, 2012

Did you make that?

I must confess I have mixed feelings about this question.  If it is a cute toy or something I have made for someone else as a gift I am flattered to say "YES" because to me, nothing is more flattering than to get a hand made gift.  I want you to know I went the extra mile and took the time to do that for you.  On the other hand if it is a piece of clothing and someone asks "Did you make that?"  I immediately wonder if my seaming skills are so bad that my clothes hang in some funky manner and the question is more like "Oh dear, honey did you make your clothes?  You really shouldn't."

What do you think?  How do you feel about someone asking if you made it?


  1. Okay, so I saw you Friday night and commented about the dress you were wearing. You sounded surprised that I look at your blog. Probable because I never comment. I have to comment about this. If I were you I would be very proud to be able to make my own clothes. I would centainly be proud of the sewing skills that you have. I could not do that. I wish that I could. I think that most people asked because they are impressed and are paying you a compliment. Not everyone can do that. Chances are if there are flaws in the seaming no one else would even notice. Only you would know. Don't be hard on yourself. You have done a great job and besides it is something you really enjoy. I thought the blue and white checkered dress looked great on you and I am sure the shorts and cherry dress look good also.

  2. I'm always flattered. And even if their tone gives away that they aren't sure its as cool as I do, I don't care. I know I put love, thought and effort into it, which is more than most people can say who shop at 'made in China'.
    Plus, when it comes to you -- I bet its the cool fabric and unique style that 'gives away' that you made it, versus any flaws (and I agree, you're the only one noticing that).
    Be proud and wear your handmade with pride. Have you watched 'Handmade Nation' yet?

  3. I love your clothes! And envy that fact that you can sport some awesomeness. :) And am jealous that you can sew your own clothes. I keep convincing myself that I can go pick out some cute maternity pattern and sew me some clothing....then I realize, I got no talent there... :)
    Be proud of your amazing talent!