Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Creative Space

Recently we added this huge chalk board to our wall.  I imagined it as a grand family organization center.  It does do a bit of that but only clear at the top where little arms can't reach!  Up there you will find my cleaning schedule.  The person that loves it most is my daughter.  This is a kid that spends 85% of her free time creating something so it is optimal for her.  A bucket nearby holds all the chalk and something to erase with.  I purchased a 4x8 sheet of fiber board and used the recipe at the bottom to create my own chalk paint.  All told, it was probably a $15.00 project.  I had the board cut to 4x6 at the store so that I could get it in my sedan without too much hanging out the back.  Now to find some old yard sticks to frame it with!

2 Tablespoon non-sanded ground
1/2 cup paint

I used my hand mixer to mix it all together.  I would recommend, mix, set, mix, set and mix again if you feel the need.  The setting seems to help get some of the lumps out.

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