Monday, October 18, 2010


I really love gourds. They come in any number of beautiful shapes and sizes. Green, white, stripy, orange, yellow, warty....their only real purpose is to look good. Yes, I know if you get the right one, birdhouse, luffa or spoon gourd you can actually make something but I think the real pleasure is in how they look and feel. They grow very easily and would look and home dangling from an arbor or snaking through your flowers. This year, I put mine on a 5' trellis. They probably would have covered at least 10' of trellis easily but none the less it took minimal training to get them to climb on up. If you want to keep them, care is simple and there are any number of authorities out there on how to do that... I suggest you just pick, clean, dry, display and enjoy! If you want more information follow this link to the Cornell University Cooperative Extension


  1. I definitely will plant some next year!! Did you start yours early in the greenhouse?

  2. No, just start from seed after danger of frost has passed!