Friday, October 22, 2010


The mystery vegetable is a rutabaga. It is a root crop in the same family as turnips and radishes. I personally have never partaken of it until this one came my way. Whilst my sis was out of town I was the recipient of her crop share. After a little research I decided to julienne it with some fresh carrots dug from the garden. After steaming the concoction was glazed with butter, brown sugar, lemon juice and dill. Well the results are in and I found it to be very pleasant and mild. This one seemed to have gotten a bit big and was a bit fibrous in spots but generally good giving credence to my theory that either butter or bacon will make anything better, good or great!

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  1. Oh! I so didn't cheat! I didn't even see this until after I answered it. You are so brave to try it.