Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On the Wall

One of the coolest things I have done most recently for my craft room is to hang a large piece on flannel on the wall for a design board. Quilt blocks or color swatches stick to it like magic. If you have a small crafting space this is a great trick making it so you can lay something out vertically on the wall and still have room for cutting on the table and walking on the floor! I tacked this piece to the wall but I could see it on a curtain rod as well allowing you to tuck it back if needed. You can see about 3 different projects on the wall as well as something in the bottom left corner that my 3 year is working on! I used about 4 yards of flannel sewn together on the long edge for a work space that is about 6'x6'.


  1. glad you now have a design wall. what are you doing with the black circles? eager to see what that 3-year-old creates...

  2. I believe I recognize that baby quilt. We use it daily for tummy time and playtime on the floor. :)