Monday, November 1, 2010

Leaf Mulch

Every fall I try to get as many leaves as I can from the yard, the neighbors and anyone else who is willing to provide them. After cleaning the garden, I like to spread a nice thick layer over the soil and till them in, apply some water and let winter do her work of breaking them down and adding vital soil nutrients. It is almost too easy. The extras are then dumped into a wire "bin" for spring use as compost and mulch.

The ones at the bottom of the pile will break down while the ones on top are good for further tilling in the spring or to mulch around the plants. Collecting leaves is truly a task where you can get something for nothing. I have been known to rake and bag the public right of way just to get some of this fabulous stuff! I think you will find that most of your friends are willing to drop them off to avoid the dump. A few words to the wise: avoid pine needles, they can make the soil acidic over time. Cottonwood leaves are not the best. Their waxy leaves take longer to break down. A nice mix is good.

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  1. just created a new flower bed and used your advice and added a bunch of leaves from the yard! more to the compost pile...