Thursday, March 3, 2011

Treasured Things

This bear, Winnie There Pooh if you will, has been with me all my life. As least all of the life I remember. My understanding is that someone made and gifted him to me for a baby shower. He has guided me through potty training, nightmares, adolescence and college. To my knowledge, he has only been out of my possession one time. On that occasion, he went to stay with a very dear friend while she endured the ravages of a brain tumor. While there, he said the things I could not say and kept Bear Bear (her treasured stuffed friend) company. I knew my friends journey was ending on the day she handed him back to me and stated he needed to go home because he was looking under the other bears dresses. He is worn, tattered and knows everything. I loved to rub his ears and smell his head for comfort. I was reminded of him by the arrival of these two little treasures:

Crafted by a dear friend and immediately given a chosen place on the bed, these two lovelies now sit, watch, comfort and cuddle my daughter. You can tell yourself that these things hold little significance but I will tell you otherwise. Particularly when I awake to cries of "Mommy! I can't find baby turtle!" in the wee hours of the morning. I hope everyone has a few of these treasured things in their lives that help them remember the past and move toward the future with comfort. Please share some of the memories of your over loved and tattered things! Do you still have them?

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