Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Garden is in!

Late is better than never! I am happy to say the first round is planted! The irrigation is in place and the tomato cages are ready! I just need some growth now. Hopefully some growth of something besides weeds! You will see that I use soaker hoses to water the garden. I think they are pretty efficient at putting the water just where you need it-at the plant and not all over the garden. The hoses I have been using are a recycled tire rubber. While I love how they work, I am less than impressed with their longevity. If you roll one up with the slightest kink during winter you are destined to have a crack. Every spring I make several splices and put things back together. I am not sure its worth it since 50' of hose costs about $12.00 and the splices cost about $3 not to mention the pain of having to do it every spring! How do you water your garden? Have any suggestions?

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