Monday, June 20, 2011

Mulch in the Vegetable Garden

In an effort to make my life easier and to reduce my water consumption, I am going to work really hard at mulching the the vegetable garden. My mulch of choice is going to be grass clippings. They are typically readily available and break down nicely adding organic matter to the soil. You can use green or dried. I happen to have some dried that were the result of someone power raking their lawn. After the plants are up, I will be weeding and then dressing with a thick layer of mulch. You will need to keep it pulled back from the plant stems and make sure you have a good source. I would recommend someone you can rely on to tell you if they have applied chemical to their lawn. If they have, you will need to skip on the clippings for three complete mowing cycles before you can utilize that source again.

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