Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Creative Gardening

Gardening is not a static endeavor. It is a creative adventure. One must constantly think up new ways to attack the weeds, organize the layout and come up with new ideas to make it better. Well maybe not always new ideas but creative versions of old ideas. Take for example my hog panel trellis. I have planted gourds on both sides. I plan to train the vines up and over in an effort to save some garden space. Trellising is not a new idea and using hog panels is probably not either but, it is a new creative option for my garden to help me get more into my small urban lot. I hope it works well for me! I am even more excited about the fact that they are scraps from someone's yard. All I had to do was ask. They were happy to let them go, and I was happy to have them! I am all about ease and minimal effort. These were cut to size(approxx 3'x5') using a dremel. Anchored in the ground and wired at the top it took about two minutes to put them up and will take about the same to store for winter. They probably will not win any awards for attractiveness but I don't think anyone will be the wiser when they are covered in vines!

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